Can Tattoo Placement Affect Laser Removal Treatment
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  • December 28, 2022
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When someone is getting a tattoo done, placement is considered extremely important to many. The placement of a tattoo can be influenced by the meaning of the tattoo, the importance of getting a job and wanting it somewhere more concealed, the size of a tattoo, etc. Why isn’t this same consideration taken into account for laser tattoo removal, however? 

We here at Beauty Fairy ask this question because the effectiveness of a removal can actually depend on where a tattoo is on the body. 

To learn more about the other factors that can interfere with the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal, as well as why tattoo location matters, we have come up with a detailed blog post about it.  

Why Does The Placement Matter? 

According to beauty cosmetic specialists and tattoo artists alike, certain tattoo placements are simply better for tattoo removal than others. Areas like the neck, face and back all have more blood cells and lymph nodes. This means that they are more likely to heal faster and react better to laser removal than other places. Areas like the legs, hands and feet are less likely to react as well since they are far away from the body’s important healing centers. In general, the farther away a tattoo is from your heart (yes, we mean that quite literally), the less effective removal will be. The closer it is, the better it will react. Rates of circulation are different in these sections of the body.  

Another reason why placement is considered important is due to the pain level. The closer a tattoo is to your bones and ligaments, the more painful it will be to get done and especially to get removed. The more fat there is between a tattoo and the bones, the easier it will be to get done as there are less nerves exposed to the needles/lasers. 

Other Factors That Impact Tattoo Removal 

While tattoo placement can impact the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal, so can other factors as well. Some of these include: 

  • How long you’ve had a tattoo: The older a tattoo is, the easier it will be to get rid of. This is because over the years, the ink will have faded and these faded particles are easier to remove as opposed to newer, more pigmented ones.  
  • Your body’s immune system: Since healing plays a huge part in the effectiveness of a tattoo removal, your immune system and general health will have a huge impact on how a tattoo fades. If you want a higher success rate for tattoo removal, be sure you’re living a healthy lifestyle so your body can do its job to get rid of the ink. 
  • The colours used: Since lasers have been designed to target contrasts in the ink vs the skin, darker tattoo colours such as black, navy and brown are easier to target and hence get rid of. With colours like orange, red and yellow, this can get more complicated. So long as you choose the right expert this shouldn’t be an issue, however. 
  • The laser device/machine: While it can be tempting to hire services that save you money, this can often mean that the quality is spared as well. In general, cheaper devices will provide you with cheaper, less effective results. Make sure that you choose a company with high-tech lasers that work hard to remove your tattoos properly the first time. 

How Our Team Can Help 

Sometimes people make mistakes, and tattoos are one of these things that can be done on a whim. Don’t let yourself stress with the existence of this body art, however— let us here at Beauty Fairy help. To learn more about our laser tattoo removal in Richmond Hill, be sure to call us at (647) 990-4679 today! We look forward to hearing from you and helping in any way we can.