Body Contouring Richmond Hill

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Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift / Hip Dip Corrector

Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift Richmond HillVacuum therapy stimulates the muscles and blood circulation with negative & positive air pressure. The pressure creates the blood circulation to increase and breaks down cellulite/fatty pockets, creating a smoother appearance riding dimples and fine lines. The suction allows us to move and manipulate the fat cells ex: thighs into the buttock tissue. It is highly effective and will leave clients with a firmer, plumper and toned booty. Result are permanent with proper monthly maintenance after required sessions. This treatment is painless, it will feel like tugging of the buttocks tissue, some clients will experience slight bruising due to increased blood circulation. Great for lifting, toning and sculpting.

Vacuum Therapy (Small Cupping) is also used to eliminate fatty pockets and dimpling caused by cellulite on the thighs with buttocks, abdomen with love handles, full back and arms.

Clients who are not eligible: pregnant, high blood pressure/ vascular disorders, diabetes (must be controlled), pacemaker, epileptic

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation TherapyThis treatment uses low frequency sound waves to turn fat cells into fatty acid. The low soundwave manipulates the fat cells by vibrating until they melt into liquid form. Your body will naturally eliminate the toxins through your lymphatic system ex. Urinating/sweating. Once the cell is liquefied completely and expelled form the body, your system will not replace the fat pocket with a new one once its eliminated. Leaving clients with permanent results with proper maintenance sessions. Painless= no downtime, clients will hear a buzzing noise in their ear.

Clients who are not eligible for this treatment: if they are pregnant, those with pacemakers, thyroid and diabetes (need consultation) needs to be controlled= no neck or arm treatment at all. Those who have had their gallbladder removed, gallstones, liver or colon problems. Those with cardiac diseases or vascular disorders or cancer/chemo, epileptic.

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Butt Lift

Before And After Butt Lift

Thigh Cellulite Reduction

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