Pink Intimate System Services

Skin Whitening of Intimate Areas

Have you been wanting to lighten certain sensitive areas of the skin such as the genitalia, nipples, anus and armpits? If so, the pink intimate system treatment may be just what you’re looking for. This treatment is non-invasive, FDA approved, and is painless with no downtime needed, making it an easy procedure to fit into your schedule.

Each session lasts about 30 minutes, and is comparable to a chemical peel that one would do on the face. This procedure has been considered as completely safe, and you can see visible results after just one treatment. Even though the results come quick, we recommend that you have a minimum of six sessions done for the best results. Each procedure should be spaced out by approximately seven to ten days so your skin can heal appropriately.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Areas Does it Improve?
This treatment will help lighten certain dark spots on the body. Areas such as the perineum, armpits, inner thighs, pubic area, labia majora and nipples can all be lightened with this treatment.

Do I Have To Shave Beforehand?
Although this procedure can be performed on hair-free skin, shaving beforehand is not a requirement for this treatment.

Can You Lighten The Face With This Treatment?
No— the pink intimate system is not built for face lightening, and therefore is not recommended for the face.

What If I Need Less Sessions?
Though we recommend the average minimum of six sessions, how many treatments you will need will entirely depend on your skin type and the level of skin darkness you have. If you have more faded dark areas, it will likely take a smaller amount of treatments. One will not know until treated and overseen by a professional clinician.

Can You Have It Done While Pregnant?
Our team does not recommend having this procedure done while pregnant.

Let Our Beauty Clinic Help

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