Weight Loss Treatments Richmond Hill

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Laser Lipo

This treatment works by heated laser energy emitting at various wavelengths to target fat contents and liquify them. Once pads are applied, they heat the fat cells creating them to slowly shrink the contents into fatty acids. Great for eliminating problem areas opposed to total body weight. This treatment is not offered on it’s own, it is combined with cavitation or skin tightening treatments. Painless/warm feeling, non-invasive=no downtime. This treatment eliminates the contents inside the pockets only, allowing fat to reoccur in this pocket. Cavitation eliminates overall pocket, not replacing the pocket again allowing long term results.

Wood Therapy Massage

Colombian Wood Therapy MassageThis holistic massage technique applies pressure to specific areas of the body causing blood circulation, breaking down fat and cellulite pockets. As well as, eliminate stress retention, fluid build up and promote muscle relaxation. This is recommended for those looking to eliminate localized fat and water retention and sculpt the body. This technique is great for breaking down cellulite, leaving a smoother appearance and eliminating the appearance of fine lines and dimples. Wood therapy sessions include lymphatic drainage. This is a massage technique that encourages the movement of lymph fluid, helping the body’s lymphatic system to naturally flush toxins.

Wood therapy is offered with each session to warm up the body, as well as, offered on it’s own as a single session.

Wood therapy: 100% natural = no contradictions.

Detox Sauna

Infrared Detox Sauna BlanketThe sauna blanket heats the full body, enhancing the blood circulation and increase the body temp to excessively sweat out toxins. This targets water weight, detoxing the body, muscle relief, and enhancing a healthier metabolism. The infrared heat inside the blanket helps promote collagen production and elasticity. This treatment will leave your skin silky smooth after sheading the dead skin cells caused by sweating. Great for those looking to lose inches due to bloating & water weight. Great as an add on to enhance results.

There are no contradictions however, a doctor should clear clients who have hemophilia, skin disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, pregnant, recent surgeries.

Lymphatic Drainage

Wood Therapy includes lymphatic drainage in treatment.

Lymphatic drainage is made up of different glands. This massage aids the body in flushing toxins naturally to expel from the body by sweating or urinating. Drainage aids in fluid retention that causes excess body weight. Fat accumulation and cellulite are results of toxins that were not flushed out from the body due to impairment of the lymphatic system. Successful unclogging can aid in dissolving cellulite.

Those who are not eligible: congestive heart failure, history of blood clots or strokes, liver or kidney problems and current infections.