Prp Face Rejuvenation Scalp Treatment Richmond Hill

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Everyone wants to look their best and maintaining healthy skin and hair is the best place to start. With the innovative PRP treatments from Beauty Fairy, your hair and skin will be healthier than ever before.

What Is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. This treatment takes a small amount your own blood and uses it in a natural way to improve the health of your skin or hair. During treatment, the blood is concentrated. Then, the platelets and plasma are separated from the white and red cells. This platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors and will be used during your treatment process.

PRP Skin Rejuvenation

The platelets in your blood help stimulate the growth of new cells as well as encourage proper tissue healing. PRP targets problem areas in your skin in a way that will help trigger collagen products and tissue regeneration. PRP treatments also help speed up the natural repair process of the skin, which will result in a range of benefits. More even skin tone, reduced scarring, smoother skin, and improved elasticity are some of the main benefits of PRP skin treatments.

The PRP Treatment Process

Clients will first provide a blood sample which will serve as the base of the PRP treatment serum. The platelet-rich plasma will be concentrated and purified and divided into a series of topical injections. Though the actual injections can be mildly uncomfortable, our specialist will apply a topical numbing cream to make the process easier.

After the main serum has been injected into the treatment area, a lesser concentrated plasma infusion will be applied topically. Next, our skincare specialist will use a microneedling pen to form microchannels along the surface. The microneedling pen causes micro-injuries in the tissue while the topical PRP serum will stimulate tissue repair. The whole process will take between 15-20 minutes to complete depending on the treatment area.

What to Expect During the PRP Procedure

When you arrive for your PRP procedure, your skin will be cleansed and then a numbing cream will be applied. Shortly after the numbing cream takes effect, the skincare specialist will apply your PRP injections, followed by the topical PRP cream, and finally, perform the micro-needling.

After the treatment, you may experience a mild amount of redness, and swelling which will fade within three days. If bruising occurs, it will heal within a week. Downtime is usually very short, lasting between a few hours and a day for most people.

When Will I Notice Results?

Our Richmond Hill PRP treatments can help improve the texture and tone of your skin. It also works to help improve elasticity, soften fine lines, reduce the appearance of pores, and improve the look of scars. Most people will start to see results about three weeks after their treatment. Over time, the effects of the treatment will continue to emerge as the skin cells refresh and renew themselves. It is recommended to complete at least four treatments spaced five weeks apart for the best results.

PRP Scalp Treatments

Men and women alike suffer from hair loss which can lead to a drastic loss of self-esteem. PRP is an effective yet natural way to battle the effects of hair loss. Not only is it non-invasive, but the PRP technique has proven highly effective in slowing and even reversing hair loss.

How Do PRP Scalp Treatments Work?

PRP serums are rich in growth factors and essential nutrients that have been proven to decrease inflammation. These same elements also stimulate new follicular growth, which can help in the battle against hair loss. When used with other hair loss treatments, PRP scalp care is highly effective.

Who Can Benefit From PRP Scalp Treatments

Anyone who is suffering from hair loss is a good candidate for PRP scalp treatments. It is important to visit Beauty Fairy for a consultation to understand what treatment plan is best for your situation.

We also recommend pairing PRP scalp treatments with other hair loss treatments for the best result. Not all types of hair loss will respond to PRP, so schedule an appointment by calling us at (647) 990-4679 to find out more.