How Long Take Remove Tattoo
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  • July 28, 2022
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Tattoos are a wonderful way to express ones body, and can hold a number of different significant meanings in different cultures around the world. Even so, when you get a tattoo it is there for life and sometimes, mistakes happen and you regret the decision of getting one. Luckily, there are ways to remove tattoos so that regret and remorse doesn’t stay around for too long. Even so, removing a tattoo via laser tattoo removal comes with a bunch of questions such as how long it takes for a tattoo to be fully removed. Here at Beauty Fairy, we want to talk about how long this process usually takes so you can get an idea about whether this is the right decision for you or not. 

How Do Tattoos Work? 

In order for tattoos to last the way they do, a professional artist will use a tattoo gun and deposit pigment into the second layer of the client’s skin (the layer known as the dermis). This tattoo gun has a built in needle (or needles) that will puncture the skin repetitively with tiny droplets of ink at an extremely fast pace. There is a certain amount of pain that is associated with this procedure. The pain will depend on one’s tolerance, and there will also usually be minor bleeding as well.  

Things to Consider Before Getting One 

Just like any procedure that alters the appearance or state of your body, there are important things to be aware of before getting it. Some of them are considered minor, while others are more serious depending on your personal opinion on the matter. Some of the things to consider include: 

  • They’re quite costly. Since tattoos are a permanent artform that takes time and hard work, they are not cheap. Prices will vary depending on how skilled the artist is, where you go to get it, the size and colour of the tattoo, etc. But even so, as a general rule, small pieces usually start at around $100 while large pieces that cover a part of your body can be anywhere from $600-$1000+. 
  • They come with risks. Like anything, tattoos also come with risks. Some of these risks/complications include: allergic reactions, keloids, bloodborne diseases (due to unclean equipment), MRI complications and skin infections. These risks can be avoided when you make sure to choose a reliable tattoo artist with the proper experience and cleanliness protocols for their tools/office.  
  • The safety precautions to look out for. As we briefly mentioned in our previous point, there are ways to ensure you are safe for your next tattoo appointment. These precautions include: learning about your tattoo artist, ensuring they have proper handwashing techniques and that they wear gloves and making certain they have the right equipment that is unused, packaged and 100% clean. 
  • They are permanent. This may seem like an obvious point that everyone is aware of before getting tattoos, but them lasting a lifetime is a long time! Because of this, you want to be certain you’re getting something that you know you want on you for life- not something you get in the moment that you know you’ll likely regret later. 

The Big Question 

This is the question you have probably been wanting answers for — exactly how long will it take for a tattoo to be properly removed? In order to get the best results possible, you will want several sessions spaced across several weeks or more. The precise amount of sessions one requires will entirely depend on a number of different factors combined, including the size of your tattoo, how fresh/pigmented it is, your skins’ healing process, etc. Even with this procedure being highly effective, most times lasers cannot fully remove the appearance of a tattoo. This is why a lot of people who regret tattoos will have their previous tattoo covered up instead of removed with lasers.  

Let Our Clinic Help 

If you are wanting a tattoo removed and are in need of professional services to get the job done, our team at Beauty Fairy can help with that. With a team of highly experienced beauty professionals, we work hard to help people look and feel their best. To learn more about our Laser Tattoo Removal in Toronto, be sure to call our front desk at (647) 990-4679 today!