Microneedling During Winter
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  • December 20, 2021
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If you are looking to solve the cold weather cracking and irritation of your skin, Beauty Fairy would recommend getting microneedling treatments even during the winter months! Oftentimes, the cold winter wind can worsen skin conditions such as eczema and can leave your skin more dry than normal. To find out what our modern beauty clinic in Richmond Hill has to say about protecting your skin during these cold months, continue reading this post. 

Microneedling During the Winter 

Beauty Fairy says yes to microneedling during the winter and for a few reasons. Firstly, even when the skin is more dry and sensitive in this season, microneedling can still be safely performed. With minimal side effects and little downtime, the winter months are still an optimal time to have this treatment completed. You can expect slight tenderness, redness, and swelling to last a couple of days after the treatment. Most people tend to return to normal activities and simply conceal any effects with makeup one day or so after the treatment. 

If you are worried about getting this treatment before an upcoming ski trip or any outdoor activity, you should know that this treatment does not cause photosensitivity. This means that your skin will not become sensitive to sunlight (UVA and UVB radiation). This treatment does not remove the skin layer that protects from damaging UV rays, so you are given the go-ahead to go out and enjoy the winter season without the worry and risk of photosensitivity. 

Additional Protection to the Skin 

If you find that the winter weather affects your skin, our team has gathered a few other useful tips to help keep your skin healthy during this cold season. Firstly, you should apply moisturizer every day after your bath or shower to help deliver the hydration your skin needs. As well, super hot water showers should be avoided to dodge the extra unwanted dryness that can come from them. 

In addition, you may be surprised to know that snow reflects UV rays, so it’s important during the winter months to still apply sunscreen to avoid damaging your skin. This especially applies when skiing or taking on any other outdoor activity. In addition, wearing lip chap with SPF-15 or higher will help with the sun exposure to your lips. Reapply this frequently. Lastly, wearing gloves to protect your hands against the cold will help avoid triggering eczema and will also help to keep your nail cuticles from cracking and splitting. 

Book Your Microneedling Treatment Today 

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used year-round to promote healthy skin and deliver your skin the rejuvenation it needs. If you are interested in booking a microneedling in Richmond Hill appointment during the winter, our team at Beauty Fairy would be happy to schedule you in. If you have any additional questions that you would like to get answered, you can contact our team at (647) 990-4679 today.