Swap Waxing With Laser Hair Removal
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  • July 12, 2022
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Did you know that on average, people spend tens of thousands of dollars on waxing within their lifetime? Not only is waxing extremely costly, but it also usually doesn’t last as long as one would want it to. If you are looking for another alternative that provides better, more long lasting results, laser hair removal is likely your best bet. To learn more about this procedure and why it’s better than waxing, check out the info we here at Beauty Fairy have come up with below.



Unfortunately, the results of waxing do not last like laser hair removal does.

When waxing is performed, it is applied and ripped off quickly in the other direction of where the hair grows. If the hair is too short, the wax won’t be able to rip it off and your results will not show. In order for this treatment to work, you need to be sure your hair grows at least half an inch before waxing. On average, the results at their most effective will only last a few weeks, meaning you will need to repeat it numerous times to maintain the results you desire.

Laser Hair Removal

On the other hand, results with laser hair removal are extremely effective.

This treatment will usually have to be done more than once, but once it is the results can last up to two years! The time in which these results will last will depend on your skin and hair type, but on average it lasts for months after it’s done. 



Waxing may seem more affordable short term, but is extremely expensive when you add every session up. 

A lot of people struggle to see an outcome through a long-term lens, and only see purchases as moments in the present. This is why a lot of people will assume that waxing is more affordable because individual treatments are cheaper, but seeing as they’re done every 2-3 weeks that money adds up.

Laser Hair Removal

Long term, these treatments are much more affordable. Even though these sessions are generally more expensive than a single waxing treatment, with how long they last it actually ends up being more affordable than waxing in many cases!



Waxing is commonly known as quite the uncomfortable and painful procedure. Since this treatment involves ripping out your hairs from the follicle lying deep within the skin, it ends up being quite painful and irritating to your skin. Red marks, rashes, bumps and ingrown hairs are not uncommon with waxing.

Laser Hair Removal

Whereas waxing is often considered very painful, laser hair removal is manageable with minimal pain or discomfort. Most patients who undergo this procedure will report minimal pain or discomfort, and the feeling is equivalent to a rubber band snapping against their skin for a few seconds.

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