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  • April 14, 2022
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People make mistakes all the time, and sometimes certain mistakes are a bit harder to fix than others. In general, tattoos are an amazing way to express oneself and can often be something that ties us to special moments/people in life. Even so, tattoos can become something that people regret and want to remove. 

When you want to go about removing a tattoo, there are a number of different ways it can be done. There are some at-home removal methods available, and others that are performed by professionals that guarantee the best in both accuracy and effectiveness. When it comes down to it, we here at Beauty Fairy strongly recommend that you get tattoos removed through professional laser procedures. Even so, our clinic would like to go over all the methods to explain why laser tattoo removal is the best option above anything else. 

At-Home Methods

There are a wide variety of at-home tattoo removal methods available for those who are financially unavailable to see professionals — but the wide majority of them are extremely ineffective at properly removing tattoo ink (with some of them even being dangerous and a risk to your health). Regardless, we would like to talk about them below.


Seeing as “abrasion” is in the name of this method, you may have an assumption on how this method works and your assumption is likely correct. Just like the name, this method of tattoo removal requires rubbing off a tattoo with a cloth, a water mixture or coarse items such as salt. Although this may provide a person with some results, the risk associated with this method is much too dangerous to be advised in any sort of situation. This method inevitably changes the texture of your skin and causes hyperpigmentation. In addition, you can be left with searing pain, scars and a tattoo that looks ten times worse than before. 


Like salabrasion this method is dangerous, harmful to your skin’s natural state, and for the most part ineffective. There is little to no evidence that this method works in any way or shape, and in some situations can cause serious skin infections. If skin infections are left untreated, they can enter the bloodstream and cause serious problems to your health.

“Removal” Creams

Creams that can be bought over the counter to break down your skin and the pigments that lie within it can be a cheap alternative, yes, but a dangerous one above all. This method essentially attempts to dissolve the pigments in the tattoo, but will also remove a number of different layers within the skin in the process. Rashes, burning and scarring are very common with this method, and most creams used for this use are not FDA-approved. 

Professional Methods

Did you know that there are a number of different ways to remove your tattoos without using lasers? Even so, these methods are highly advised against as they can cause adverse effects and leave your skin looking worse than it did before.

Surgical Removal

If a tattoo is small enough, doctors can surgically remove the patch of skin that is tattooed entirely with a scalpel. Afterwards, the leftover skin will be stitched together. Even so, stitches and a cut like that will almost certainly cause extreme scarring that will last for years. 


This procedure involves a number of different things, including local anesthetic and professional equipment to wear down the skin’s outer layers and, in turn, remove some of the tattoo ink. This procedure aims to remove any unwanted dead skin on the outer layers of the dermis, but does not go any deeper to target the ink that lies in the deeper layers of the skin. If you try to use this procedure to remove your tattoo, you’ll likely end up with no proper result and sore, scarred skin.

Why Laser Tattoo Removal is Best

When it comes down to it, this procedure is considered the most safe and effective way to get rid of your tattoos compared to all the rest previously mentioned in this post. As the years have gone by and technology has become more advanced, the procedure for this has also become more advanced, making for a more achievable & effective end result. The best part? This method does not damage your skin anywhere near the other methods we’ve previously mentioned. Matter of fact, this method barely damages your skin at all with little to no scarring when done by the right professional. 

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