Important Things Before Laser Hair Removal
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  • March 30, 2022
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To most women, shaving is considered quite the nuisance. Seeing as it has to be repeated periodically & you can end up with cuts, knicks and razor bumps, this method is not a favourite among women who desire to get rid of their unwanted hair. Luckily, there are other solutions out there that are much more effective, less of a nuisance and have long-lasting results! Today, our team at Beauty Fairy would like to talk about laser hair removal and the things you need to consider before getting this procedure done. 

Is It Right for You?

Before starting a procedure like this, it’s important you determine if it’s the right fit for you. LHR only works on certain skin types, skin colours and hair colours so you want to be sure you’re the proper match. Unfortunately, the melanin in darker skin can be extremely sensitive to the heat emitted by LHR lasers.

Luckily, the soprano laser hair removal system works a bit differently, and is able to regulate the amount of heat emitted from the laser onto the skin. Once the laser reaches a certain heat, it will turn off the laser beam, making it safe for darker skinned patients.

You Need to Do it More Than Once

Yes, laser hair removal is a long term solution, but before it offers long term results you will need to go a few times. On average, 3-6 sessions will be recommended depending on your individual situation. Certain things such as how many areas you plan to get done, what colour your hair is and how fast it grows back will determine how many treatments you’ll need. Generally, you will want to book your LRH appointments 4-6 weeks apart.

Shave & Clean Your Skin Before Your Appointment

Prepping your skin before the procedure is important to get the best results possible, and make things a lot easier for the practitioners working on your skin. This means taking a shower before you enter your appointment to remove any oils, cream or dirt off of your skin. There should be no barriers placed in between the skin and the laser, as you don’t want to deal with any complications/ineffective results.

Make sure to shave the hair before going to your booking as well — but not too early and not too late. What do we mean by this exactly? Well, we mean to be sure that your skin is shaved but the skin isn’t irritated from shaving when you come into the clinic. Because of this, we recommend patients to shave a day before their appointment so your hair will still be shaven but your skin won’t be irritated and would have had time to heal overnight.

Work With Our Beauty Team Today

Ever wondered why we provide such good advice? The reason is simple — our highly professional team offers patients with transformative laser hair removal results and much, much more! When you visit our clinic, we offer a wide variety of different beauty services depending on your wants and needs. To learn more about our laser hair removal in Richmond Hill, be sure to phone us at (647) 990-4679 today!